Limitless Prizes is proud to offer luxury prizes at affordable ticket prizes whilst maintaining attractive odds. Our prizes are brand new, genuine and authentic. There are no hidden costs whatsoever. For example, A £5 ticket is just that – there’s no payment processing fee to worry about.
To enter select the prize you would like to win. Once you have chosen the competition you will be required to answer the skill based question correctly. Once answered you can purchase tickets to your chosen competition.
Each competition has a limit to how many tickets one person can purchase. This is to ensure competitions are fair. The amount of tickets available per competition will be on the competition page.
To enter our competitions, you will need to create an account so that we can send you confirmation of your entry, store that information on your account and contact you if you win one of our prizes!
You’ll be emailed a confirmation of your entry(s) after playing. This information will also be saved to your Limitless Prizes account so you can view it whenever you choose to.
Each ticket is given a number and we use Google's random number generator to select the winner.
To enter our competitions, you must create an account with your contact details. We will then use the contact details provided to contact you if you win.
Nothing! We will contact the winner with the details of how we will proceed after the draw has taken place.
Of course! Email is the best way to contact us: info@limitlessprizes.com. We’ll do our utmost to get back to you as soon as possible.